Acts of Celebration

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Celebrating a birthday, wedding, anniversary or christening?

Whatever your occasion is, in lieu of giving gifts, invite your guests to donate to Childhood Cancer Support. All you need to do is set up your online gift page with your family & friends.

By setting up a donation in lieu of gifts, your celebration will be making a life-changing difference to regional Childhood Cancer Families.

Celebration of Life Gift

A memorial gift in tribute to a loved one is a powerful way of honouring their memory.

By requesting a memorial donation in lieu of flowers is the perfect way to help Childhood Cancer Support.

You can either set up your online celebration of Life Gift page or we can supply donation envelopes and forms for those attending the service of your loved one. The funeral director, can assist with collection and send to Childhood Cancer Support for processing and receipting. We’ll be sure to also let you know of the total and add this to your Celebration of Life Gift page.

Fundraise with your Birthday

You can choose to make your birthday count this year. Instead of presents, you can ask for donations. We've made it really simple by using your very own fundraising page to ask your friends to give donations instead of presents.