Acts of Service

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Acts of service is a way to show your commitment by assisting in your community in return for a donation to Childhood Cancer Support. The donations you collect will fund free accommodation for regional childhood cancer families who are forced to relocate to receive treatment for life threatening conditions.

Finding out your child has a life-threatening disease is devastating, add to this the stress of where your family are going to stay and how you are going to pay for increasing medical bills and accommodation while meeting your existing financial commitments in your hometown. Treatments can range from 3 months to 2 years.

The money you raise through Acts of Service will give these families a place to call home during treatment. Your support allows families a chance to concentrate on their sick child by giving them a home away from home when they need it most. It also gives them access to a support system of an in-house Social Worker and the support of other families sharing similar experiences.

Acts of service is a great way to assist your neighbours and friends to complete jobs around the house they have not had time to do themselves.

How it Works

Step 1.

Sign up for Acts of Service. You are then given an Acts of Service online fundraising page where your neighbours, friends and family can donate towards your acts of service fundraising. You will be asked to set you fundraising goal when you register.

Step 2

Tell everyone. Offer to mow their lawn, wash their car, walk or bath the dog, clean their house, baby sitting the list is endless. Once you have completed your task, they donate directly on to your fundraising page where they receive a tax receipt for their donation.

Step 3

Repeat step 2 and watch your fundraising tally grow knowing that every act of service you complete helps a family.