Acts of Shavery

Whether it’s going with a full shave, colouring your hair or just losing some length for a good cause – you can show your bravery with Acts of Shavery! Shaving or cutting your hair is a great way to show your support for someone you may know going through cancer treatment.

  1. Pick a date: set a day and time for your big shave, and choose a location.
  2. Create your own fundraising page.
  3. Get creative: how will you show your personality and draw attention to your great fundraising initiative? You might like to just get a trim of your long lock, colour your hair, go short and get a message shaved in your hair or go complete cleanskin.
  4. Share your fundraising campaign: tell your friends, family and workmates what you’re up to via email and social media. Encourage them to donate and attend your special shave event. You'll be surprised who will donate to your cause, so don't be afraid to ask.

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