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Casey Lindsay

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Childhood Cancer Support

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To support families like mine that need help while there child is in cancer treatment and beyond! Treatment never ends when you go home it continues for years.....

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$26.61 from Cassandra Sandersan

Status Update

My month long sugar free has officially ended today. I have loss 8.1 kgs in a month but i have learnt so much about reading lables!! I will continue my sugar free lifestyle but i will be able to add the birthday cakes in! The photo is of my 3 greatest achievements and supporters!

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Status Update

Camping while sugar free wasn't easy but I did it! 5 days and 4 nights at the big 4 adventure whitsunday was just what the doctor ordered before school starts!

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$37.02 from Che Trendell

Go Casey!!!

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Thanks Che!!

Status Update

Gave up this tonight at our Gold Coast family dinner!

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Status Update

Well this morning I woke up with excitement as it is 7 days I have been without SUGAR! Happu to announce I'm also 2.5kgs lighter!! The first few days were rough but starting to enjoy my coffee! Remember it's all for a good cause! Logan and his friends!

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$104.65 from Mark Davie

Great effort. Swap the orange juice for water and I'll donate again!

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Thanks Marky!! Give me a few more days of orange juice!
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$15.00 from Maddy Cross

Awesome work Casey! Give Logan a big squeeze for me xoxo

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Thanks Maddy!

Status Update

My sugar free coffee this morning tasted slightly better. I have now moved to sugar free orange juice instead of softdrink. Had a headache last night but feeling much better today!

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$12.68 from Charmaine Mann

Strong hearts come from strong family love .

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Thanks for your support
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